Pizza Hut Announces New Yummy Pizza Flavors

The only winning formula in the food industry is the ironic combination of conservatism and aggressive initiatives.

Being ahead in the industry does not give you the pleasure of sitting back. On the contrary, dominance will require you to be on your toes more than ever. This is for the simple reason that when you’re at the top; everyone is out to take your place. And while everyone else is working double time to dislodge you, you have to work triple time to stay there.

With so many successful years behind them, Pizza Hut already has an all-time favorite set of menu. These are the flavors that will keep the regulars coming back. But in business, the only way to stay where you are is to move forward. This principle forces Pizza Hut to come up with something new to attract those who were not that pleased the first time around.

Pizza Hut has been around for so long that every American has already tried it. Except for those who have not yet been born, Pizza Hut will have to source additional patronage from the lot who have tried them but were not pleased enough for a return engagement.

What can possibly attract them to try Pizza Hut one more time? …Of course, new flavors and styles.


1. 8 new crust flavors

Parents are very familiar with the Pizza Hut edges because in some cases, that’s all they can eat. Kids are so fast and furious in devouring the cheesy and meaty parts of the pizza slices and not hesitant to put the remaining empty edges on their parents’ plates.

The new crust flavors will be a welcome development for such parents. They can finally taste something more than just crusty bread with the new flavors such as honey sriracha, toasted asiago, salted pretzel, fiery red pepper and garlic buttery blend.

Or, this could also be bad news as there is chance they won’t be getting those tasty edges anymore.

2. Premium ingredients: banana pepper, Peruvian cherry peppers, fresh spinach, salami and meatballs

No one can really tell how these exotic flavors will blend in the presentation of a pizza. But, these new flavors are definitely going to be worth the try. If a customer could not like the Pizza Hut favorites with their safe likeables of cheesy cheeses and meaty meats, anything is worth a try.

If the obviously tasty doesn’t work then, try something that’s improbable.

3. New sauces: balsamic, marinara, honey sriracha, crushed tomato and meatballs

How can anyone not like cheese flavor on pizza? The simplest answer is that you may want something else. So let’s try everything on pizza and see what you like?

A successful entrepreneur believes in his product but, this should never cloud the reality that customer opinion, based on individual tastes and preferences, is more important.

4. Skinny Pizza with a thinner crust at 250 calories per slice.

This will be attractive to food lovers who want less of it.

That’s probably the statement that will sound most ridiculous for those who are not on a diet and not into the fitness and healthy lifestyle.

The most common of arguments against Pizza Hut is that they are serving unhealthy food. Well, Pizza Hut has always been about what’s tasty but, they are also in the business of providing customer satisfaction. So, there should be as much variety that Pizza Hut will be able to provide for everyone’s tastes and peculiarities.

5. 11 new pizza flavors

All these additional crusts, toppings and sauces will create additional 11 new pizza flavors for Pizza Hut. With pictures, this can be an entirely new and separate menu.

If Pizza hut did not create an impact on you the first time around, 11 new pizza flavors would be reason enough to give them one more try.

Will these changes make Pizza Hut attractive to the non-regulars for a re-try? Will the originals and these new pizza varieties make Pizza Hut everyone’s favorite pizza place?

There is a saying or, at least something close, that goes like this; “You can please some people all the time. You can please everyone sometimes. But, you can never please everyone all the time.”

That’s how business is. It’s your choice whether you like or hate the idea of constantly trying to please. The people who succeed in business are the ones who enjoy the journey of making mistakes and discovering winning ideas.

The best way to stay at number 1 is to act as if you are at the bottom. In sports, the winner is the one who spends the most time in the gym. In business, the winner is the one that squeezes his brow and constantly thinks of his next business move.

Pizza Hut is on the lead not only in terms of sales and patronage but more importantly, in the habit of continues change.

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