Portillo’s Menu Prices 2022


Portillo’s Menu Prices – Affordable, Great Seafood Dishes

Portillo’s Menu Prices 2022 is a family owned and operated restaurant that has been going strong since 1974. The restaurant started out as a small cafeteria that catered mostly to the students at a small college. After a couple years the business was able to add an additional dining room, a full buffet, and a bar.

This allowed the restaurant to expand into a popular and successful eatery that many consider one of the best New York City restaurants.

Portillo’s specializes in many types of seafood dishes. Some of the more popular dishes include the outstanding calamari plate, the tuna casserole, the Maine Lobster Rolls, and the famous Maine Lobster Roll.

These dishes can be served in the original style, or they can be served in a number of different ways. They are offered at very affordable prices, and you can even eat just the meat, which is a treat!

There are several places that you can find good seafood in New York City. In addition to Portillo’s, another great place to go to is WP Tailgate. This restaurant offers several different dishes that are made with fresh, wild caught seafood. Of course, the food at this restaurant may not be the greatest, but it is definitely top quality.

The prices at WP Tailgate are also very reasonable, and it is definitely worth a stop when visiting New York City.

Of course, there is also another place that offers some of the best seafood in the city. This place is called Fig Newton. If you love seafood and grilled foods at a great price, then this is the place for you. The restaurant offers some wonderful dishes, and the prices are very affordable. You can easily grab some scrumptious food, sit back, relax, and have a great time with your friends and family.

Fig Newton also offers a kid’s menu. Some of the dishes on this menu are just delicious. The dishes include fried calamari, crab cakes with lemon butter, and crab casserole. All of these dishes are very affordable, and you will be happy to eat them even more than once. Of course, the price does increase if you order any specialty items.

Some of the most popular dishes on the menu of Portillo’s are Scallops. At just under twenty dollars a head, you can easily buy just enough food for a whole family. These scallops come in a variety of different colors, and they are baked fresh each time. Although not the cheapest seafood available, if you are a seafood lover, you will be blown away by how great these scallops are.

Of course, there are also some other great dishes on the Portillo’s menu. Some of these include things like pizza and pasta. You can get some wonderful meals for less than twenty dollars at this restaurant. The pasta dishes are affordable as well, especially if you are able to eat multiple courses and eat your food right outside of the restaurant. The pizza is also very good, and it is served both indoors and outdoors.

Overall, Portillo’s Bar & Grill is a great place to go if you are looking for a restaurant that serves affordable food. The food is high quality, and it is priced affordably.

Even though the prices are inexpensive, the atmosphere of the restaurant is fantastic. There are only about ten employees inside of the restaurant, which means that the staff makes sure that customers feel welcome.

If you are trying to decide whether or not this restaurant is the place for you, then just remember that it is easy to see and it is very close to the many different tourist attractions in San Diego. Make sure that you give it a try, and you should love it.

Portillo's Menu Prices 2022Pin
Portillo’s Menu Prices 2022

Portillo’s Menu Prices 2022


Hot Dogs & Chili

Hot Dog $3.29
Chili Cheese Dog $3.99
Char Grilled Maxwell Street Polish Sausage $4.99
Char-Grilled Polish Sausage $4.99
Jumbo Hot Dog $3.89
Jumbo Chili Cheese Dog $4.39
Bowl of Chili $4.49


Char Broiled Chicken Sandwich $5.39
Char Broiled Chicken Croissant $5.79
Breaded Chicken Sandwich $5.39
Breaded Chicken Croissant $5.79
Chicken Tenders (4 Piece) $4.49
Chicken Tenders (6 Piece) $6.59

Beef-n-Sausage Sandwiches

Italian Beef Sandwich $6.49
Big Beef Sandwich $8.49
Char Grilled Maxwell Street Polish Sausage $4.99
Char Grilled Polish Sausage $4.99
Char-Grilled Italian Sausage Sandwich $5.29
Combo Beef & Char-Grilled Italian Sausage $7.49
Big Beef Combo $11.19
Beef-n-Cheddar Croissant $6.49
Cup Of Beef $5.39

Char-Broiled Burgers

Hamburger $5.49
Cheeseburger $6.09
Double Hamburger $8.19
Double Cheeseburger $9.39
Bacon Hamburger $6.49
Bacon Cheeseburger $7.09
Bacon Double Hamburger $9.19
Bacon Double Cheeseburger $10.39

Other Sandwiches

Breaded Whitefish Sandwich $6.29
Cold Veggie Croissant $2.95
Veggie Hot Dog $1.15


Chopped Salad $8.59
Caesar Salad $5.99
Caesar Salad (Chicken) $7.59
Caesar Salad (Hot Grilled Chicken) $8.25

Sides, Fries & Onion Rings

French Fries Large $2.79
French Fries Small $2.29
Tamale $2.49
Gravy Bread $1.99
Chicken Tenders 4 Piece $4.49
Chicken Tenders 6 Piece $6.59
Chicken Noodle Soup $4.29
Bowl Of Chili $4.49
House Bread Full Loaf $1.69
House Bread Half Loaf $1.29
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin $0.80
Side of Italian Sausage $4.09
Sweet Peppers $0.60
Hot Peppers $0.60
Cheese Sauce $0.99
Bacon Strips $1.00
BBQ Sauce $0.00
Bread- French Bread Piece $1.00
Butter Packet $0.00
Celery Salt $0.00
Cheese-American Slice $0.60
Cheese-Shredded Cheddar Cheese $0.60
Cheese-Shredded Mozzerella Cheese $0.60
Gravy $0.00
Honey Mustard $0.00
Dressing-Ranch Dressing $0.29
Dressing- Caesar Dressing $0.29
Dressing- Chipotle Ranch Dressing $0.29
Dressing-House Dressing $0.29
Ketchup Packets $0.00
Lettuce $0.00
Mayonnaise Packets $0.00
Mustard Packets $0.00
Chopped Onions $0.00
Grilled Onions $0.00
Red Onions $0.00
Pepper Packets $0.00
Peppers-Hot Oil $0.00
Peppers-Sport Peppers $0.00
Pickle Chips $0.00
Pickle Spear $0.00
Relish $0.00
Salt Packets $0.00
TarTar Sauce $0.00
Tomatoes $0.00

Drinks & Shakes

Bottle Of Coke $2.49
Bottle Of Diet Coke $2.49
Bottle Of Sprite $2.49
Bottle of Barq’s Root Beer $2.49
Bottle of San Pellegrino $2.59
Bottle Of Water $1.69
Soft Drink Large $2.59
Soft Drink Small $2.19
Iced Tea Large $2.59
Iced Tea Small $2.19
Cup of Coffee $1.59
Milk $1.59
Hot Chocolate $1.69
Hot Tea $1.50
Chocolate Cake Shake Large $5.29
Chocolate Cake Shake Small $4.29
Shake Large $4.29
Shake Small $3.59
Malt Large $4.49
Malt Small $3.69


Strawberry Shortcake $3.99

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