Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices are a great way to enjoy a delicious meal without breaking the bank. From their classic sandwiches and burgers to their famous roast beef and turkey dinners, there is something for everyone on the menu. The prices at Rax Roast Beef are affordable and won’t leave you feeling guilty about splurging on your favorite foods!


Beef N Cheddar $4.49
Regular Rax $3.89
King Rax Roast Beef $5.49
Cheese Sticks $3.79
3Pc Chicken Tenders $4.69
B.B.C(Beef Bacon & Cheese Sauce) $5.69
Potato Skins $3.79
Mushroom Melt $5.09
Deluxe Roast Beef $4.89

Roast Beef Sandwiches Menu Prices

Regular Rax $3.89
King Rax Roast Beef $5.49
Beef N Cheddar $4.49
Mushroom Melt $5.09
Beef Barbecue $3.69
Deluxe Roast Beef $4.89
Big Rax $6.89
B.B.C. $5.69
Philly Melt $5.09

Ham Sandwichs Menu Prices

Regular Ham $3.89
Deluxe Ham $4.89

Turkey Sandwiches Menu Prices

Deluxe Turkey $4.89
Turkey Bacon Club $6.29

Chicken Sandwiches & Tenders Menu Prices

3 Pc Chicken Tenders $4.69
Chicken Sandwich $5.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5.89

Potatoes & Fries Menu Prices

Cheese & Broccoli Potato $3.99
Twisty Fries $2.19
Regular Fries $2.19
BBQ beef & Cheese Potato $4.79
Potato Skins $3.79
Cheese Sticks $3.79
Onion Rings $3.79
Butter Potato $2.99
Cheese & Bacon Potato $3.99
Sour Cream Potato $2.99

Kids’ Menu Prices

Junior Rax Combo $5.29
Junior Rax $2.19+
Kids’ 3Pc Chicken Fritters Combo $5.29

Milkshakes Menu Prices

Chocolate Milkshake $2.99
Strawberry Milkshake $2.99
Vanilla Milkshake $2.99
Chocolate Chip Milkshake $2.99

Drinks Menu Prices

Fountain Soda $1.99+
Iced Tea $1.99+
Bottled Water $1.29
Fresh Brewed Coffee $1.99+
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Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices

Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices

Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices is a fast food restaurant that serves roast beef sandwiches, fries, onion rings and other sides. We have put together this article to provide you with information on Rax Roast Beef menu prices so that you can plan your next meal out.

What Type of Food Do They Serve?

Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices offers a wide variety of food options for customers to choose from. You can order roast beef sandwiches, fries and onion rings or get a combination meal that includes all three items plus coleslaw and breadsticks. The company also offers soups such as chicken noodle soup, macaroni & cheese soup or bisque which are available in single-serving containers or as part of an entree combo meal that comes with two side items such as french fries or onion rings plus breadsticks or coleslaw. Rax Roast Beef also offers breakfast meals like pancakes or omelets made with eggs sourced locally from farms in the area surrounding each restaurant location. If you want something sweet after lunch then try their dessert menu which includes chocolate cake slices or ice cream sundaes topped with whipped cream and sprinkles!

Rax Roast Beef Menu Prices are pretty affordable, especially considering the quality of the food. The prices range from $7.39 to $12.99 depending on what you order and how much of it you get. For example, if you order the 12-ounce roast beef sandwich with fries and a drink, it will cost $9.99; if you want to upgrade to a combo meal (which includes fries, cole slaw and a drink), that will cost $11.99; and if you want to add chocolate chip cookies or brownies to your combo meal, that will cost an additional $1 each.

The sandwiches come with a choice of two sides: cheese fries, curly fries or potato salad. The salads come in three sizes: small (enough for one person), medium (enough for two people) or large (enough for four people).

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