Ringer Hut Menu With Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Ringer Hut Menu With Prices is a delicious way to enjoy a meal with your family and friends. They have a wide variety of options that are sure to please everyone. The prices range from $5.99-7.99 per item and everything on the menu can be ordered in packs of 6 or 12 pieces. They also offer several different sides and desserts for an additional cost.


Noodles Menu Prices

Nagasaki Champon $9.99
Nagasaki Champon Noodle Small $7.99
Fujiyama Champon Noodle $13.75
Nagasaki Sara Udon $11.25
Miso Champon Noodle $11.75
Soy Sauce Champon $11.75
Kake Udon $7.75
Tempura Udon $10.75
Agemochi Udon $9.75

Rice Menu Prices

Pork Katsu Curry $13.75
Chicken Katsu Curry $12.25
Curry Rice $9.75
Mini Curry Rica (Small Size) $7.75
Chicken Katsu Combo $13.75
Pork Katsu Combo $14.75
Karaage Bento $13.75
Teriyaki Chicken Don $10.75
Mini Teriyaki Chicken Don (Small Size) $7.75
Katsu Don $11.50
Mini Katsu Don (Small Size) $8.25
Oyako Don $11.25
Mini Oyako Don (Small Size) $8.00

Sides Menu Prices

Pan Fried Gyoza (5 Pieces) $6.75
Deep Fried Gyoza (5 Pieces) $6.75
Fried Takoyaki (6 Pieces) $6.75
Rice $2.50
Miso Soup $2.00

Dinner Menu Prices

Dinner Champon + One Mini Donburi [Karaage Mayo / Shrimp Mayo / Karaage / Curry / Teriyaki Chicken] $9.00

Morning Menu Prices

Morning Champon + Onigiri $5.50
Morning Champon Only $4.50

Champon Udon Menu Prices

Small Nagasaki Champon $7.99
Regular Nagasaki Champon $9.99
Nagasaki Saraudon $11.25
Fujiyama Champon $13.75
Miso Champon $11.75
Shoyu Champon $11.75
Udon $7.75
Agemochi Udon $9.75
Tempura Udon $10.75
Shrimp-Tempura Champon $13.75
Karaage Champon $13.75
Chicken Cutlet Champon $13.75

Donburi Menu Prices

Donburi Small Regular
Teriyaki Chicken Don $7.75 $10.75
Katsu Don $8.25 $11.50
Oyako Don $8.00 $11.25

Set Menu Prices

Chicken Cutlet Combo $13.75
Pork Cutlet Combo $14.75

Curry Menu Prices

Pork Loin Cutlet Curry $13.75
Chicken Cutlet Curry $12.25
Small Curry Rice $7.75
Regular Curry Rice $9.75

Drinks Menu Prices

Pepsi $1.99
Diet Pepsi $1.99
Sierra Mist $1.99
Mountain Dew $1.99
Pink Lemonade $1.99
Fruit Punch $1.99
Raspberry Iced Tea $1.99
Sobe Water $1.99
Bottle Water $1.99
Green Tea $2.99
Oolong Tea $2.99
Apple Juice $3.99
Orange Juice $3.99
Ramune $4.29
Ringer Hut Menu With PricesPin
Ringer Hut Menu With Prices

Ringer Hut Menu With Prices

You can make a quick run to the grocery store for some essentials and still have time to stop by Ringer Hut for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Ringer Hut Menu With Prices is designed to be a quick and easy way for you to order what you want. It does not include any hidden fees or charges, and it’s all at a low price.

We offer a variety of different types of food, from our signature Ringer Hut Pizza, to our ever-popular Ringer Hut Menu With Prices Pizza Sandwich. We also have other options for vegetarians, including the Ringer Hut Veggie Burger and the Ringer Hut Meatless Taco. For those who just don’t like vegetables, we have plenty of other options too! There’s our Ringer Hut Menu With Prices Chili Dog, which features a hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese sauce; our Chicken Wings; and even some desserts like cookies or brownies.

Ringer Hut Menu With Prices are very reasonable so that anyone can afford them!

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