Save Your Party with the Help of Panera Breads, Corner Bakery and Chick Fil A

Hosting a party has never been easier with a lot of fast food establishments extending their product lines to accommodate food requirements for any gathering. Whether it is a small group of people for a business meeting or, a large assembly for family and corporate gatherings, leading fast food chains have proven their reliability and convenience in giving hosts; one less thing to worry about.

Part of hosting events is in finding the right food for your guests. People will have different preferences that is why you have to go with the safest and most generic of foods; the sandwich.

Here are a few suggestions on the best and reliable sandwich food companies that can supply your food requirements for your next event.


Panera Breads

Panera Breads serves healthy food.

If you are expecting guests who would be health or fitness conscious, it would be best to consider Panera Breads as your catering source.

Panera Breads serves the best tasting and healthiest sandwiches, paninis and salads.

Panera Breads not only offers catering services but free consultation through their friendly and helpful catering coordinators who can help you plan out the food for your special events; within your budget.

Orders can be through phone, fax or placed online through their website.

Chick fil A

Chick fil A serves the best chicken sandwich preparations.

Though steak has always been the American favorite, you cannot go all beef because someone will surely be a health buff in your guest list. Though veggies are the healthiest food choice, you cannot go vegan because there will be those you can’t eat without their meats.

Chicken is the safest meat that will fall in everyone’s top 5 meat preference list.

Chick fil A has the best trays of nuggets, chick-n-strips, wraps and chicken salad as well as packaged meal sandwiches and salads. They are the Chicken Authority.

Whether it’s a breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack or a dinner event, Chick fil A has the right chicken based food presentations that will make your event memorable.

Chick fil A is best credited for their invention of the Boneless Chicken Breast Sandwich. This will be a very good conversation piece in your party but, be sure to include the Boneless Chicken Breast Sandwich so you’ll not only have the best chicken sandwich but also the best take off point.

Orders could either placed through phone or online.


Subway is the largest food chain company in the world with the widest choices of subs and wraps. You’d want subway on your next event if you want to play it safe. Everyone has dined at Subway so there is nothing much to leave to chance. The food will be satisfying, that’s for sure.

For your event, you could go with a giant sub. This will be a novelty indeed. Nothing raises the eyebrows more than a gigantic sub as the centerpiece of your party table. And, it is very symbolic for all guests to share in one large sub.

The 3-foot sub has 18 two-inch portions to serve 9 to 15 people. The 6-foot sub has 36 two-inch portions to serve 18 to 25 people.

If the drama of the giant sub is not to your liking, you can have them sliced and served on a platter. Either way, everyone will be satisfied and comfortable with Subway.

Orders can be made through phone or through their website.


Potbelly emphasizes 3 F’s in their service; fast, fresh and friendly. That is why Potbelly makes it all personal by getting you in touch with the restaurant manager right away for your event planning and catering needs. They have 3 options:

  • Full Belly includes all Potbelly favorites: a toasty warm sandwich, salad, chips and freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
  • Perfect Belly serves a toasty warm sandwich, chips and cookies.
  • Basic Belly serves a toasty warm sandwich and chips.
  • Orders can come in a sandwich box or in individual lunch boxes.
  • Orders can be placed though phone or their website.
  • You’ll choose Potbelly if you want something simple and friendly.

Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery provides made-to-order sandwich preparations for your events. They start with their freshly baked breads which you can develop into complete meals, lunch boxes and platters.

Sandwich Baskets are filled with specialty halved sandwiches with Bakery Chips, salad and mixed greens.

Lunch Boxes come with specialty sandwiches, Bakery Chips, fresh seasonal fruits and freshly baked cookies.

Sandwich Builder Trays are served with build-your-own sandwiches from assorted meats, cheeses served with bakery Chips, Caesar Salad and mixed greens. It comes in packages of 10, 15 and 20 sandwiches.

Orders can be made through phone or through the Corner Bakery website

Tiramisu Houston

Tiramisu Houston helps you plan your catering needs in reference to your desired budget. They have prepared menus from “per person” budgets ranging from $5 to $15.

Tiramisu Houston is included in this list because of its unique presentation. It’s realistic.

Most people really plan things out based on the budget. Tiramisu Houston doesn’t beat around the bush; it hits it on the spot.

Orders can be made through phone, email or fax.

Try any of this food establishment for your next event or occasion. Each one has something unique to offer and everyone is out to make your party the best party ever.

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