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If we prefer to eat a refreshing smoothie bowl instead of a warm porridge in the morning, then we know that summer is not far away. We love the combination of chocolate, peanut and cherry. Reminds us of a delicious sundae. With great nutritional values. Because even a smoothie bowl can be a protein bomb. In this one comes a portion of our vegan protein – so you are well taken care of in the morning.


  • For the smoothie bowl, put all the ingredients in a powerful mixer or food processor and mix until a creamy mixture is obtained.

  • Push the sides down in the mixer every now and then with a spatula and then continue mixing. If the mass is too firm to mix it creamy, just add a small dash of milk.

  • Put the smoothie in a bowl and smooth it out.

  • Ingredients:

    15 g

    Peanut butter, 10 g Cereal , 5 g Kakaonibs, 15 g Cherries

    Garnish with the toppings. Of course, you can also top your smoothie bowl with other ingredients. In doing so, however, the nutritional values ​​change.

  • Good Appetite!
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