Steers Menu With Prices **April 2022**

Steers Menu With Prices is a fast food chain that offers burgers, fries, and shakes. The menu has a variety of options including chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, and more.

The prices can vary depending on what kind of meal you order. For example, the breakfast meals are cheaper than lunch or dinner meals because they are smaller portions. The menus also have other discounts such as kids meals that cost less than adult meals.


Steers Menu With Prices

Online Only Deals Menu With Prices

Original Chicken Burger Sharing Meal R 99.90
Original Cheese Burger Sharing Meal R 114.90
Mega Cheese & Bacon Duo Online Only Deal R 129.90
Double Cheesy Bacon King Steer Sharing Meal R 189.90
Ribster Remix Sharing Meal R 219.90
Mix It Up Sharing Combo R 289.90

Promotions Menu With Prices

Azishe Burger Meal R 59.90

Classic Burgers Menu With Prices

Rave Burger R 39.90
Original Steers Burger R 49.90
Original Cheese Burger (With Small Chips) R 69.90
Original Cheese Burger (With Large Chips & Buddy) R 102.90
Original Cheese Burger (With Medium Chips & Buddy) R 94.90
Original Cheese Burger (With Small Chips & Can) R 84.90
Original Cheese Burger R 54.90
Prince Burger R 59.90
Bacon & Cheese Burger R 59.90
Brat Pack R 49.90
Mjojo Cheeseburger R 59.90

Chicken Burgers Menu With Prices

Bacon & Cheese Chicken Burger R 54.90
Original Cheese Chicken Burger R 49.90
Original Steers Chicken Burger R 44.90

Ribster Burgers Menu With Prices

Original Ribster Burger R 39.90
Cheese Ribster Burger R 44.90

Veggie Burgers Menu With Prices

Original Veggie Burger R 49.90
Double Veggie Burger R 69.90

Real Hungry Burgers Menu With Prices

Double Cheesy Bacon Burger R 84.90

King Steer Burgers Menu With Prices

Original King Steer R 79.90
Big Bacon King Steer R 94.90
Mighty King Steer R 99.90

Flame-Grilled Ribs Menu With Prices

Single Pork Rib Rack R 129.90
Pork Rib Feast R 199.90
Double Pork Rib Rack R 219.90
Single Rib Rack & 1/4 Chicken R 154.90

Salads Menu With Prices

Green Salad R 39.90
Chicken Salad R 59.90

Hand-Cut Chips Menu With Prices

Chips R 19.90
Cheesy Chips R 34.90

Meals For Sharing Menu With Prices

Ribster Burger Sharing Meal R 174.90
Original Steers Burger Sharing Meal R 194.90
Mix It Up Sharing Meal R 249.90
King Steers Burger Sharing Meal R 189.90
Double Up Sharing Meal R 139.90

Snack Burgers Menu With Prices

Rave Snack Burger R 20.90
Steers Snack Burger R 20.90
Cheese Snack Burger R 25.90
King Steer Snack Burger (With Small Chips) R 59.90
King Steer Snack Burger (With Large Chips & Buddy) R 92.90
King Steer Snack Burger (With Medium Chips & Buddy) R 84.90
King Steer Snack Burger (With Small Chips & Can) R 74.90
King Steer Snack Burger R 44.90

Treats Menu With Prices

Ridiculously Thick Shakes R 29.90
Ice Cream Swirls R 19.90
Cones R 7.90

Beverages Menu With Prices

Can R 17.90
Buddy R 19.90
Aqua Monte R 15.90
Appletiser (330ml) R 24.90
Trufruit Juice (250ml) R 19.90
Soft Drink (1 Lt) R 24.90
Red Bull R 24.90
Cappy Juice R 16.90
Steers Menu With PricesPin
Steers Menu With Prices

Steers Menu With Prices

Steers Menu With Prices is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in burgers, fries and milkshakes. Steers menu with prices is quite affordable for all. You can enjoy the best of burgers at a very reasonable price.

The Steers Menu With Prices offers a wide variety of burgers to choose from. There are some vegetarian options as well which makes it easier for vegetarians to get their favorite burger from Steers.

You can also order drinks from the menu if you want to enjoy your meal with something special. The drinks include soft drinks like Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange etc., juices like orange juice, mango juice etc., coffee and tea as well as milkshakes which are offered at affordable prices.

Steers Menu With Prices is a burger restaurant that has been serving up delicious burgers, fries, and milkshakes for the past 30 years. We are always looking to provide our customers with the best possible experience and want nothing more than for you to come back again and again.

We have recently updated our Steers Menu With Prices to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. With our new menu, you can see all of the items in each section of the menu at once, as well as their prices.

Steers Menu With Prices also includes many new items that we think you’ll love!

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