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Chiara is an ecotrophologist and a real foodie. Together with our R&D team, she develops new, exciting premium products and also creates healthy and easy recipes for your fitness kitchen.

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A treat or a healthy snack? Our buttery cookie dough fudges can do both. They’re so delicious that they’ll undoubtedly feed your sweet cravings. At the same time, when developing this recipe, we made sure that the ingredients stay as clean as possible so that you can enjoy the sweet fudges as a healthy, protein-rich snack for in between without any problems.


  • Put the nut butter, oatmeal, vegan protein, maple syrup and plant-based milk in a bowl and mix with a hand mixer or spoon to form a smooth dough.

  • Ingredients:

    30 g Chocolate drops

    Mix in chocolate drops.

  • Place the Cookie Dough Fudge in a mold (approx. 15x15cm) lined with cling film and press it flat with your hands.

  • Place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to harden and then cut into 9 equal pieces.

  • Good Appetite!

Our tip

You can prepare this fudge recipe in different flavors. look here over – in our shop you will find even more varieties of our vegan protein. Of course, this recipe also works with our creamy one for all non-vegans Whey Protein.

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