Superfrico Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

Superfrico Menu With Prices is a fast-casual Italian restaurant that specializes in hand-made pizza, pasta, and salads. The restaurant’s menu is simple, with only a few options for each type of dish. Average prices range from $10-$15.

There are four different types of pizzas: margherita, grandma, bbq chicken, and the superfrico special. Each one comes with your choice of toppings (cheese, pepperoni, veggies) and sauce (marinara or bbq). The grandma pizza has mozzarella cheese with sausage and onions on it; the superfrico special has mozzarella cheese with meatballs and onions on it; the bbq chicken pizza has barbecue sauce and chicken on it; while the margherita has marinara sauce and fresh basil leaves sprinkled on top!

There are also three different types of pastas: lasagna al forno, spaghetti carbonara al forno (spaghetti with bacon), penne alla vodka al forno (pasta with vodka sauce). These all come covered in delicious sauces made by our chefs who have over 50 years combined experience making these dishes! You can add any


Superfrico Menu With Prices


Mushroom Mogul Pizza (V)
white wine, lemon, cream, crimini, oyster, house mozzarella, garlic, basil, parsley, thyme, pickled shallot, seasonal truffle
Hamachi Crudo (GF)
finger lime, yuzu, radish, mint, smoked trout roe, avocado & olive oil
Squash Blossom (GF)
sweet and sour braised oxtail, cacio e pepe sauce, green garlic powder
+ add one more
Fried Mozzarella (V)
house mozzarella, sourdough breadcrumb, spicy marinara, basil, parsley, pecorino, lemon zest
Meatballs Sicilianu
dry-aged beef, saffron, garlic, pine nut, golden raisin, mint, pistachio, honey
Calamari (GF)
grilled scallion, yuzu kosho, tangerine honey, aleppo pepper, basil oil
Polenta (V)
fresno chile jam, cream, pecorino
Crispy Rosemary Potatoes (V, GF)
fingerling potato, garlic, fried herbs, pecorino
Warm Brussels (V, GF)
parmesan vinaigrette, honeycrisp apple, pickled red onion, candied hazelnut
Carne Asada Pizza
marinated creekstone skirt steak, gorgonzola cream sauce, caramelized onions, arugula


Tableside Mozzarella
1 pound of fresh belgioioso curd pulled and stretched before your very eyes accompanied by marinated tomato, basil, fresh puccia bread, salumi, warmed olive & roasted pepper


Hearts of Palm (VG, GF)
grilled & chilled hearts of palm, white asparagus, basil, passion fruit, jalapeño, mint, lemon fennel vinaigrette
Little Gem (V)
calabrian ranch, ultimate crouton, parmigiano reggiano
+ add anchovy
Arugula (V)
parmesan frico, lemon and local honey vinaigrette, pecorino, black pepper


Stinging Nettle Cavatelli
fennel sausage, wild onion, meyer lemon, mint, pecorino
Beef Cheek Ravioli
mishima wagyu beef, roasted mushroom, shaved truffle
Lamb Ragù Babbaluci
lamb sausage, tomato, mint, parsley, lemon labneh, za’atar
Pasta Alla Gricia
guanciale, pecorino, tellicherry black pepper, rigatoni
Trapanese Pesto Gemelli (VG)
tomato, almond, mint, basil, walnut, scallion powder


Chicken Parm
mary’s chicken breast, spicy marinara, house mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, basil oil, parsley, lemon zest, sourdough breadcrumb
+ spaghetti pomodoro
garlic, tomato, parmigiano, pecorino, basil, sourdough breadcrumb
Filet Mignon (GF)
6-ounce creekstone filet*, butter, sea salt, bone marrow sauce
Prime New York Strip (GF)
12-ounce creekstone prime strip*, butter, charred onion & herb sauce
Tomahawk (GF)
40-ounce creekstone tomahawk*, sea salt, lemon, butter
Market Fish Piccata
lemon, caper, parsley, broccolini
Roasted Sea Scallops
chickpea ragu, calabrian chile, puffed quinoa, lacinato kale

Square Pizza

OG Square (V)
tomato, house mozzarella, cheddar, sicilian oregano, parmigiano reggiano
Ultimate Pepperoni
tomato, house mozzarella, ’nduja, sicilian oregano, ezzo pepperoni, pickled chile, honey
Pistachio Mortadella
pistachio pesto, house mozzarella, mortadella, house stracciatella, parmigiano reggiano, pistachio
Pineapple Bacon
roasted pineapple sauce, bacon, lime ricotta, tajín, cilantro


coffee, mascarpone, lemon, espresso crumble
Sourdough Crumble
vanilla, strawberry, caramelized breadcrumb, olive oil, maldon sea salt
Roasted Pineapple Sorbetto (V)
lime, tajín, vanilla
Banana Walnut Tartufo
miso caramel, torched meringue

Cocktails Menu


The Machine Dazzle
amaretto, campari, lemon, egg white, peychaud’s bitters
Under the Host Martini
absolut elyx vodka, castelvetrano olive, blanco vermouth, white balsamic
The Cosmonaut of Las Vegas
helix vodka, cranberry, lime, sweet vermouth, amontillado sherry, chai tea, clarified milk
High Wire Espresso Martini
helix vodka, mr black coffee liqueur, linie aquavit, cold brew coffee, salt
Here Comes the Sun King
spicy tequila, basil, cucumber, prickly pear, lime, spiced aperol, fluffy tomato
Penguins Take Manhattan
eagle rare bourbon, diplomático reserva exclusiva rum, pedro ximénez sherry, cynar, black sesame, white chocolate
Pizza Pie Negroni
beefeater gin, campari, sweet vermouth, roma tomato water, basil, castelvetrano olive
Pandan & Coffee
el tequileño reposado tequila, campari, sweet vermouth, pandan leaf, cold brew coffee, coconut water avua amburana, orgeat, lemon, cocchi di torino, amontillado sherry
Fantastic Man
el tequileño reposado tequila, st germain, lemon, lychee, egg white, blanc vermouth
Fantastic Man
el tequileño reposado tequila, st germain, lemon, lychee, egg white, blanc vermouth
Sound & Vision
moët & chandon, agave, lemon, strawberry shrub, dolin blanc, st germain
The penicillin of our generation
michter’s bourbon, palo cortado sherry, lemon, toasted coconut honey, ginger
Boozy Skunkton
The Atomic Saloon’s proprietress is anything but Old Fashioned
banana & raisin-infused diplomático reserva exclusiva rum, smith & cross jamaican rum, toasted coconut honey, angostura bitters

Soft Stuff

Gingered Ale
ginger, lime, demerara, club soda
Softcore Soda
honey crisp apple, chamomile, verjus, agave
Devoción & Tonic
cold brew coffee, lemon, grapefruit, tonic
Oh, Floridada
orange, cream, orange blossom water, vanilla
(oat milk available upon request)


House-blended and bottled cocktails to enjoy on the spot or on the go. Available in 8-ounce (2 servings) and 1-liter (8 servings) sizes.

Pier 17 Manhattan
rittenhouse rye, carpano antica, angostura bitters
Under the Host Martini
absolut elyx vodka, castelvetrano olives, blanco vermouth, white balsamic
Pump & Grind Negroni
el tequileño reposado tequila, campari, sweet vermouth, pandan, cold brew coffee, coconut water
High Wire Espresso Martini
helix vodka, mr black coffee liqueur, linie aquavit, cold brew coffee, salt
Fluffy I-15
el tequileño blanco tequila, fino sherry, lime, velvet falernum, vanilla, passion fruit
Might I Have Another?
blend of rums, lime, orgeat, velvet falernum
El Kicko de Mule
sombra mezcal, ginger, lime
The Golden Tooth
michter’s bourbon, lemon, toasted coconut honey, ginger
Superfrico Menu With PricesPin
Superfrico Menu With Prices

Superfrico Menu With Prices

Superfrico Menu With Prices is a restaurant that serves traditional Italian dishes. The restaurant is located in New York City and has been in operation since 1990. The menu at Superfrico is extensive, but the most popular items are their pizzas, pastas, and salads.

Superfrico Menu With Prices is a delicious, crisp and crunchy Italian pastry made with flour, sugar, eggs and butter. It’s usually served as an accompaniment to coffee or gelato.

At Superfrico we have a wide range of flavors to choose from including pistachio, hazelnut and cinnamon. You can also add chocolate sprinkles or nuts to your Superfrico so you can make your own unique flavor!

If you’re looking for the perfect snack, dessert or pick-me-up then look no further than Superfrico!-Superfrico

-Superfrico with cheese

-Superfrico with ham and cheese

-Superfrico with chicken and bacon

-Superfrico with egg and bacon

-Superfrico with hotdog and bacon

Source: Bobby & Caroline’s Adventures

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