The Pickle Barrel Menu Prices Apr [2023]

Reuben $4.95

Corned beef, Swiss Cheese, Kraut and a special dressing served on grilled rye. A favorite

Real Chick $6.95

A Mouthwatering marinated char-grilled breast of chicken

Dutch Treat $5.95

Hot roast beef, turkey, mozzarella cheese, mustard and special dressing

Downtowner $5.95

Baked ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, mustard and special dressing. Great with onions on it

Park Plaza $5.95

Comed beef, pastrami, American Cheese and mustard

New york, New york $5.95

Roast beef, pastrami, cheddar cheese and mustard

Immigrant $5.95

Roast beef, comed beef, swiss cheese and mustard

French Dip $5.95

Roast beef and sharp cheddar cheese on a sour dough roll served with steaming au jus

Spicy Black Bean Burger $5.95

A true vegetarian delight, all the way or as you like it

Polish Sausage $5.95

Polish sausage, kraut, Swiss Cheese and mustard on a sour dough roll

The Big Cheese $4.95

American, Swiss, cheddar, mozzarella and hot pepper cheese with sprouts and tomato

Barrel Club $6.95

A double decker delight of baked ham, turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce and American cheese on white,wheat or rye

BLT $4.50

You guessed it

The Old Stand-By $3.95

Grilled cheese or peanut butter & jelly

Nathans Hot Dog $2.95 – $4.95

By Popular demand, with mayo,mustard or ketchup, chili, cheese or slaw

For Kids Only (12 & Under) $2.95

Grilled cheede or P B & J

For Kids Only (12 & Under) $1.95

Nathans hot dog

For Kids Only (12 & Under) $3.95

Chicken tenders and fries

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