Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices is a small, family-owned restaurant located in the heart of San Francisco. Their menu reflects their heritage and the California lifestyle, with a focus on fresh ingredients and local sourcing.

The menu includes appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, burritos, and sandwiches. The prices are listed in USD.


Dinner – A la Carte


Anniversary Celebration Roll $98
Toyosu Selection

Starters & Salads

Edamame $10
Miso Karaage $18 / 34
Wakame Salad $26
Gyu Sashi $28
Shiitake Shinjo $32
Seasonal Tempura $36
Wild Pacific Smoked Salmon Salad $36
Wild Prawn Tempura $38


Tojo’s Selection $65
Toyosu Selection
Tojo’s Tuna $14 / 28
Tuna Tataki $16 / 29
Wild Pacific Salmon $19 / 38
Amaebi (Sweet Prawn) $45
Isaki $55
Hirame (Flounder) $58
Hotate (Japanese Scallop) $60
Mirugai (Geoduck) $65
Hon Maguro Akamiso (Red Tuna) $65
Japanese Uni $70
Hon Maguro Toro (Tuna Belly) $80
Ask your server for seasonal selections


Tojo’s Selection $100
Inari $7
Masago $7
Westcoast Albacore Tuna $7
Tobiko $8
Ebi $8
Amaebi $8
Wild Pacific Salmon $8
Tuna Tataki $8
Hotate $8
Hirame $9
Ikura $10
Isaki $11
Anago $12
Unagi $12
Hon Maguro Akami $12
Hon Maguro Toro $15
Japanese Uni $25


Vegetarian $32
Wild Pacific Salmon $42
Tojo’s Chicken $42
Canadian Sablefish $55
Tojo’s Tenderloin $55
Wagyu $220


Original Cocktails

Japanese Highball $14
Tokaido 53 $16
Salaryman $18
Kitsune Gimlet $18
Tojo’s Milk Punch $18

Spirit-free Cocktails

Yuzuyu $12
Nitobe Garden Fizz $12


Sparkling Rose Umeshu 41
Shuawa Daiginjo Sparkling Sake (Japan) $76
Brut Cuvée – Domaine Chandon (California) $99
Nectar Imperial Champagne – Moet & Chandon (France) $240
Dom Pérignon Champagne – Moet & Chandon (France) $495

Aperatif, Dessert

Takara Plum Wine (California) $6 (2 oz)
Eikoh Yuzu Sake $10 (2 oz) / $56 (500 ml)
‘‘Ume” Plum Wine (Aichi) $31
Toro Melt Mikan Orange $40
Toro Melt Momo Peach $40
Sakagura no Ume Nigori Plum Wine $41
Pinot Blanc Ice Wine – St Hubertus $115


Japanese Imports
Sapporo $9 / small
Asahi $9 / small
$16 / large
Echigo Red Ale $15 / small
Echigo Koshihikari $19 / large
Kokanee $8


Japanese Whisky
Suntory Toki $13 (1 oz)
$22 (2 oz)
Nikka from the Barrel $22 (1 oz)
$41 (2 oz)
Suntory Hibiki Harmony $28 (1 oz)
$50 (2 oz)
Yamazakura Pure Malt $41 (1 oz)
$79 (2 oz)
Japanese Spirits
Haku Vodka $14 (1 oz)
$25 (2 oz)
Roku Gin $15 (1 oz)
$27 (2 oz)
Dandan Imo Shochu $14 (2 oz)
$109 / bottle
Nikaido Mugi Shochu $15 (2 oz)
$121 / bottle
Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With PricesPin
Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices

Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices

Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices is an American restaurant chain that specializes in serving traditional American food. Tojo’s has more than 100 locations nationwide, with the most recent being the opening of a new location in Chicago. The company was founded by George Motz and Kevin Hickey in 1989. The pair opened their first location in Annapolis, Maryland, and named it after a Japanese soldier who fought on the U.S.’s side during World War II.

Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices is a Japanese restaurant located on the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue. The restaurant has been open since 1958, and has been serving delicious Japanese food to the community for over 50 years. It has received numerous awards for its exceptional service and cuisine, including being named “Best Japanese Restaurant” by the readers of the local newspaper for the last three years running.

Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi. It was founded in 1954 by Toshiaki Toyoda who wanted to bring the traditional sushi experience to America. He opened his first restaurant in Los Angeles, California and named it Tojos. The name of the restaurant comes from Toyoda’s nickname “Tojo.”

Tojo’s Restaurant Menu With Prices has a wide range of options for customers to choose from including: appetizers, soups/salads, rolls/hand rolls/maki (rice), other rice dishes, donburi (rice bowls), noodles and udon dishes, teriyaki grill items, tempura items and desserts. There are also some vegetarian options available as well.

The prices for these items range from $4-$26 depending on what you order. Some of the most popular items on their menu include: California roll ($5), Spicy Tuna roll ($10), Shrimp Tempura Roll ($13) and Salmon Donburi Bowl ($16).

Source: Bon Appétit

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