Vegan Protein Okonomiyaki Recipe | Super fluffy pancakes


Easy recipe for fluffy Japanese pancakes

With our vegan okonomiyaki you go on a culinary journey. Because we say: Pancakes with a difference! With our vegan baking mix we give the Japanese vegetable pancakes a real protein kick. Super quick and super easy, a spicy and crispy okonomiyaki is conjured up with a little white cabbage and zucchini, which takes you directly to culinary Japan. Our pancakes mix is ​​a real all-rounder. The result: our Japanese vegetable pancakes have 6 times more protein than conventional pancakes.


  • Ingredients:

    150 g Cabbage leaves

    First detach the cabbage leaves from the cabbage and cut into small pieces (approx. 5mm in size) with a large knife.

  • Finely grate the zucchini (if you don’t have a grater at home, you can cut the zucchini into fine strips).

  • Ingredients:

    0,5  Spring onion

    Cut the spring onion into thin rings.

  • Put the pancakes mix, water, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and a little salt in a bowl. Stir well until you get a smooth batter.

  • Add the cabbage, zucchini and spring onions and stir well.

  • Heat coconut oil in a hot pan. Now put the batter into the pan so that the entire bottom of the pan is covered. Bake each side for 3-4 minutes over medium heat.

  • Ingredients:

    1 THE Srirachasoße, 1 THE Vegan mayonnaise, 1 THE travel little quirky

    Meanwhile prepare the Sriracha Mayo. Mix sriracha sauce, vegan mayonnaise and rice wine vinegar to a homogeneous sauce.

  • Put the finished Japanese vegetable pancake on a plate.

  • Drizzle the okonomiyaki with a little soy sauce and rice wine vinegar and decorate with edamame, protein flakes, chilli, spring onions and nori seaweed.

  • For the final touch: Spread the Sriracha mayo on the okonomiyaki.

  • Good Appetite!

What exactly is okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is originally from Hiroshima (a city in western Japan). The name “Okonomiyaki” means something like “grill whatever you want”. With the Osaka Okonomiyaki version, finely chopped white cabbage is added to the batter, as in our vegan recipe. If you’ve got a taste for savory pancakes, then you should also try our Protein Kimchi Pancakes.

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