Veganes Protein Ice Cream Sandwich


Salty caramel meets crunchy hazelnuts

It is the question of all questions: cookie or ice cream? Crunchy or extra creamy? We do not want to and cannot decide. That’s why we combine our favorites in one recipe. The result: a veganes Ice Cream Sandwich, that will revive your taste buds, because salty caramel hits a aromatic hazelnutChocolate-Creme. A perfect snack for wpoor summer days. And thanks to the practical sandwich shape, you can your high-protein snack take anywhere.


  • Put all the ingredients for the nice cream in a mixer and puree them finely.

  • Take a cookie and spread the nice cream on it. Lightly press the second biscuit.

  • If you like, the nice cream sandwich can be decorated with melted chocolate and hazelnuts. We recommend that you eat the nice cream sandwich straight away or, best of all, freeze it again. Before serving, however, you should let the ice cream sandwich thaw for 10 minutes.

  • Good Appetite!

Our tip: Ice cream sandwich variations

The nice thing about ice cream sandwiches? There are so many different options. Try it! Vary your cookie and Nicecream-Base. Our insider tip: combine our Vegan Protein Cookie in the flavor variety Blueberry Cheesecake with a creamy coconutBlueberryice and pretty do you have a fruity snack for warm summer days.

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