What are the weird McDonald’s menu items from around the world?

McDonalds may be a US fast food icon, but it really is a global phenomenon. However, the tastes are different from all over the world. If you try a McDonald’s in another country, you may come across strange menu items that you may not even have imagined McDonald’s would ever serve.

If you are adventurous enough to visit another country then you just have to try these bizarre (at least for you if you are American) dishes. Here are some of your top options:


Chicken McDo mit Spaghetti

Filipinos love crispy chicken, and they also love spaghetti when eating out. McDonald’s Philippines has been serving its guests chicken and spaghetti for the past few decades, and it has always been a huge hit with fans. It is a popular alternative to chicken with rice (which is of course not that common in western countries either).
Filipino spaghetti is a little bit sweet, however. You like it, but your kids will likely love it.


Surprisingly, this is a menu item at McDonald’s Austria. They wanted a dish that represented Asia in order to beguile their Austrian fans. The dish, which is served in a large mug, features pasta mixed with chicken, vegetables, salad and a choice of sauces. This is great if you are in Austria and want Thai food to go with your McDonald’s burgers and fries!

Shrimp Beef Burger

This is part of the McDonald’s Korea menu and is aimed at diners looking for a surf-n’-turf alternative. The Shrimp Beef Burger comes with a beef patty together with a deep-fried shrimp patty as well as the usual lettuce, tomatoes and a special sauce.

McToast chocolate

This is pretty simple – you have flatbread sides with chocolate inside. It’s actually quite tasty, especially when you consider this a dessert course when you’re done with your Big Mac or quarter-pounder.


Basically, you’ve topped your deep-fried patty with mustard. Not that weird except that you have beef stew at the patty! Yes, it sounds strange, but the Dutch have their own ways of doing things. You have to grapple with the 2,300 mg of salt that comes with this option.

NYC Benedict Bagel

No, you won’t find that in New York City. But if you ever visit McDonald’s New Zealand you can join the hobbits who love this for their snack or even for their “elevensies”. This muffin combines egg and cheese with bacon and hollandaise sauce. It’s probably something to bridge the gap between meals.

Bacon roll

When people think about European cuisine they usually think of either French or Italian, although some may have cravings for Spanish cuisine. Nobody really thinks about British cuisine, which some people find a little unimaginative.

The British, on the other hand, like it simple, and that’s a good word to describe this bacon roll. They have a bun and they have bacon inside. You can spice things up with your choice of sauces, but it really is that simple.

Cordon Bleu Burger

That sounds French, but it’s actually part of the menu at McDonald’s Poland. It’s a burger that a meat lover must have come up with as it combines 3 types of meat in a single burger. This combines the usual beef patty with a chicken patty and is then topped off with either bacon or ham. If you are looking for protein, Poland is a great choice.

McChoco potato

If you’ve ever spent a full day watching various Japanese anime shows, you’ll quickly find that the Japanese do things a little bit differently, even when it comes to everyday things. Take this McDonald’s Japan option that starts with your usual french fries. This time, however, you are giving 2 splash packs – one has milk chocolate and the other has white chocolate. Spread both on your fries and enjoy!


If you’re a fan of American super-sizing, if you’re ever at a McDonald’s in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, or Korea, you must try the MegaMac. It’s basically a Big Mac, except you have 4 beef patties in your burger this time. This contains 736 calories with 44 grams of fat, so it’s not exactly low in calories.

Pancakes Helado

McDonald’s Uruguay knows everything about the love of chocolate and therefore offers it as a breakfast option. You start with a pancake (hotcake) and the inside is filled with dripping chocolate. But on top there is also some soft ice cream, also covered with chocolate sauce. This is a great option after an encounter with a dementor.

Try all of these articles if you ever get the chance to run into any of them – you won’t find these articles at McDonald’s USA!

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