Who Uses Grass Fed Beef?

Who Uses Grass Fed Beef – The food that is sold in restaurants or stores takes less time in preparation and is served at the speed is called fast food. It is generally pre cooked and pre heated. The preservation in terms of serving is in the form of take out or take away. They have their drive through service for their customers. It started in very times. With modernization and globalization it is present in all parts of the world.


Who Uses Grass Fed Beef?

With the increase in consumption and competition the companies dealing in fast food chains looked for ways to easy access to ingredients used for fast food both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Some of them even try taking short cuts. They kept their companies reputation at stake and comprised with the quality of the food served to their consumers.

They did not use the products mentioned and replaced them with cheaper alternatives. But the consumers are not there to be fooled. He became aware of the facts. It is general practice to give the information about the material used in the product. Now the consumer goes through all the information available. If he is satisfied then only he uses the product.

What exactly is being served is the first question that arises in your mind when you go to a fast food joint. Is the quality of food good for your health? If you are going to a good fast food joint and not the local one, you are definitely getting value for money. People who consume non-veg get their meat which is legal and edible. The meat specially beef is packaged in gelatin type broth or a preservation that keeps up and help to maintain its flavor too.

Drawbacks of Rise in Demand for Fast Food

The rise in demand has let to inferior quality of animal care, production and low quality of the product. The suppliers and meat factories are tied up by the food chains. The quality of meat depends on the condition in which the animal is brought up and kind of fodders they are fed with. The cows are sometimes overfed in one spot with corn or grain mixed with antibiotics and hormones.

Their continuously living in solitary spot and over eating can be very dirty and unhygienic. Over eating makes these cows very fat. Most of the cows do not get enough veterinary care that might lead them to death. Then is the difficult method of cleaning and retrieving their meat. It should be thorough. The huge demand leads to huge production of beef which should be fast from cleaning of internal body parts to the process of pacing the beef carefully which is collected from different stripes of other factories. The time and distance they have to travel means more chemicals need to be added to the beef to maintain its quality and to preserve it.

Conditions of Cattle

Most of the people eating beef in fast food restaurants think that they are the ones who use grass fed beef. Think again. According to the new study of chemical composition on more than 480 fast food joints show most of the cows eat mainly corn. The unusual amount of fertilizers used in the crop of corn has a bad impact on overall environment, water supplies and soil. The beef that is used was a product of high intake of added chemicals by the cows.

Analyzing the whole process which is bad and whatever is added to makes it more worst. The steps to prevent all this should be taken by the government, but the government is not so strict as it should be. It’s not that all the food chains are doing it the wrong way. There are a few of them who take special care and precautions that serve the best beef to their customers but the number is very less. Most of them are struggling to survive so they are doing whatever the consequences may be.

Chipotle is one of those restaurants that has taken a stand and promises to use only grass-fed beef in the food it serves. Certainly for a slightly higher price, the quality meat is worth it!

Lack of Information

Most of the long chained companies hide information and do not disclose their sources from where they are getting their meat. This is surely against the rights to know about the product that he is consuming. But people also don’t bother about it. They just want a good taste for their taste buds. They are not aware about the quality of products but are satisfied with what they are getting, whether it would do any good to them or their health. The money making companies are not paying any needs towards the health of the consumers. They simply want to make quick money by all means.

Advantages of Consumption of Fast Food

The first and foremost advantage of fast food is that it saves lots of time. In this fast moving world where people are running after ways to earn good money for their survival, fast foods are the blessing. It also saves a lot of money as it is cheaper as compared to cooking on your own. Consuming beef benefits our health. It is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals and is essential for a healthy diet. Eating beef in your diet can cure iron deficiency. Anemia is an iron portion present in beef commonly. Beef is healthy and low in fat content. Beef is considered as a staple for balanced diet.

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