Why Is Five Guys So Expensive?

Why Is Five Guys So Expensive – Five Guys is one of the most successful and loved fast food chains in the United States. However, despite its popularity and high sales numbers, Five Guys is still facing some issues among millennials. A Business Insider article entitled ” Why Millennials Are Losing Their Taste For Fast Food” stated that many younger diners view Five Guys as an expensive chain. It is quite pricey compared to competitors like In-N-Out. The average cost for a meal at a Five Guys location was $9.59 in Los Angeles according to Business Insider.’

Why Is Five Guys So Expensive?

Five Guys is a fast-casual restaurant that serves simple burgers, fries and tasty grilled hot dogs. The prices may be a little higher than your average burger joint, but Five Guys’ juicy and flavorful burgers certainly make up for it. Let’s take a closer look as to why Five Guys is so expensive.

Five Guys is expensive, but really worth it. Five Guys burgers are grilled in front of customers from fresh beef burgers, hand-cut fries dipped in Idaho potatoes, and free peanuts while you wait. The prices may be seen as steep at first glance; but when you compare its price to its competitors, it’s easy to see why Five Guys got where it is today

Five Guys is known for its delicious made-to-order hamburgers, but there’s one thing you may not know about the popular chain: It’s getting more expensive. Business Insider reports that Five Guys is facing higher costs than its competitors and has had to raise prices as a result. This means you could soon need to shell out more than $5 for a burger at your local Five Guys location.

Five Guys is a chain of restaurants that focuses on selling burgers, fries and hot dogs. Despite their massive success over the years, they’ve recently gained some negative publicity. It has been discovered that Five Guys’ prices are actually fairly high compared to those at other fast-food chains. Forbes magazine reported in 2014 that although Five Guys had stores in more than 45 countries and was opening a new location almost daily, their sales had slowed down. As a result, experts warned that Five Guys would suffer unless they could increase their customer base.

Five Guys is an expensive burger chain because of its current price structure, high quality, and large portions. The chain uses fresh foods like fresh-cut fries, vine-ripened tomatoes, and hand-leafed lettuce that can come with an extra price tag. Five Guys also serves up fresh beef patties made from 100% USDA-Grade Extra Lean Beef . These burgers are prepared with a hot air grilling process that allows the creation of a juicy burger with a crispy outside. Throughout the years, this process has gotten a bad rap due to the potential unhealthy chemicals used in the process. However, Five Guys’ hot air grilling process has none of those chemicals!

Despite its major success, Five Guys isn’t without a bit of drama. According to Business Insider, the burger chain is losing the interest of the most influential demographic in the world: millennials. Why? Millennials feel that Five Guys is downright expensive, especially for a fast-casual dining experience. However, compared to its competitors, Five Guys burgers are expensive. In Los Angeles, a standard hamburger will cost you a whopping $9.59. If you head to a competitor, like In-N-Out, you can get a hamburger combo, which includes a medium size fries and a medium soda, for $5.35.

As anyone who has ever visited a Five Guys knows, their burger chain isn’t exactly cheap. A plain cheeseburger will set you back $5.29. And then there is the matter of their high-quality, fresh cut fries and animal style burgers that are just as mouthwatering as they sound (and more). So why are these guys so expensive? When you break it down to what you get for your money, it actually makes sense. Unlike other fast food chains that serve pre-made frozen patties or reheat food until it gets cold and rubbery, Five Guys bakes their burger patties on site in front of customers’ eyes. This is especially impressive considering how quickly a line can build up at these locations; constant pattie baking must be an essential part of any Five Guys employee’s job description.

The key to understanding what makes Five Guys so expensive is to put it in perspective with its competitors. The same burger that costs $9.59 at Five Guys will cost you around $6.75 at Shake Shack, which is still much higher than In-N-Out’s most expensive burger price at $3.85. At the end of the day, this popular fast-food restaurant is not too different from others; they’re just more expensive. However, Five Guys’ menu, which boasts flavors such as bacon and cheddar cheese , jalapeno peppers, grilled onions and mushrooms; does hold up against other chains when it comes to taste .

Five Guys is a fast-food company that has rapidly expanded in recent years. Yet for all its success, at least one thing about the chain has remained true: their prices remain high. Why? Because there are many factors that go into Five Guys’ pricing strategy.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is an American fast casual restaurant chain focused on hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries, and headquartered in Lorton, Virginia, an unincorporated part of Fairfax County. The first Five Guys restaurant opened in 1986 in Arlington County, Virginia, by Jerry Murrell and his four sons: Jim, Matt, Chad and Ben. The name “Five Guys” refers to the five sons of founder Jerry Murrell. In January 2009, Five Guys opened its 300th location;[4] as of March 2011, there are over 1,000. In June 2010, NBC’s Today show chose Five Guys as one of “America’s Top 10 most innovative restaurants”, as part of their series focusing on “business innovations”.[5]

Though the burgers themselves are pricey, they are fresh, never frozen and cooked to order. The restaurant also has a relatively large menu with options like hot dogs, sandwiches, steak fries, beverages and desserts.

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