Will guests still receive food deliveries in 2021?

Grocery deliveries were on the rise even before the 2020 pandemic. With its convenience, it has been a quick fix for many people who just can’t cook and tidy up after a busy day. However, when everyone was forced to stay inside, this turned out to be the best way for restaurants to reach guests and vice versa.


But will the situation remain the same now that the economy is opening up?

Berlin, also known as the culinary capital of Germany, is expected to return to normal, at least according to reports from its restaurant owners and operators. Many eateries across the country have been closed since November 2020, so those who managed to meet the stringent reopening requirements will be happy to be back in business.

Are restaurants back to normal?

Technically, things are still not the way we all knew them to be. There are still limitations, especially since local vaccine adoption presents some obstacles and challenges. While the government is trying its best to address the issues, they are now allowing people to go out with significant precautionary measures.

For example, while many restaurants are back up and running, there are still social distancing rules in place so that dining rooms don’t get overcrowded. Most facilities will serve fewer guests. Eating indoors is also still not allowed.

Of course, this is not the normality that most Germans are used to. The definition of normal is busy dining rooms and crowded pubs. While al fresco dining has always been practiced in the country, it is not practiced all year round. Eating indoors isn’t too much of an issue now with the summer months approaching, but when it gets colder the feelings will be different.

Takeaways and deliveries in Germany

As already mentioned, the German food delivery industry has grown over the years even before the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020. Not as big as the trends abroad, but relatively good. Food stalls are also very popular when people can still go out.

Nowadays, however, the demand for delivery services in Germany has risen sharply. According to a survey, online orders rose 245% in 2020. So much so that many former players who shut down due to competition have decided to return. Foreign players are also about to enter the market to spice things up further.

As in other countries, the foods people get for deliveries are those that have always been enjoyed, such as pizza and other fast food items. Because of this, the big brands in the segment have seen growth and will continue to see it for the next few years. For this reason, experts recommend investing in brands such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza, among others.

Now that many places across the country have reopened and restaurants are back in operation, residents can dine at their favorite restaurants or pick up take-away. While this will certainly have an impact on the food delivery industry, it can still be a good additional option for consumers.

Many restaurants completely ceased operations during the pandemic so that they could no longer be supplied. With the new setup, guests who missed their deals now have more choices for what to enjoy at home.

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