Yo Sushi Menu Prices **April 2023 Updated**

Yo Sushi Menu Prices is a little bit complicated. There are some items that are only available for take-out, and some that are only available for dine-in. There are also a few items that can be ordered both ways.

The first thing to note is that all prices listed on the Yo Sushi Menu Prices include tax, but they don’t include a 15% tip. So if you’re planning to go with friends, plan on spending around $130 per person.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, go with one of the hand rolls: they’re $6 each and come in 16 different varieties. Or if you’d like something more filling and substantial, try out one of the rice bowls or noodle dishes—most range between $5-$15 per dish.


Sushi Sets

Plant Power £6.00
Simply Salmon £6.70
Maki Mix £6.70
Salmon Sashimi £6.50
Classic Catch £10.45
Super Salmon £10.45

Sushi Rolls

Yasai Rolls £6.90
Yo! Roll £7.40
Crunchy Cali Roll £7.20
Spicy Chicken Katsu Roll £7.40
Dragon Roll £7.50
Crunchy Pawn Mini Roll £7.50
Dynamite Mini Roll £7.50
Spicy Mini Tuan Roll £7.90

Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry £6.40
New Tofu Katsu Curry £6.20
Prawn Katsu Curry £6.70

New Ramen

Spicy Seafood Ramen £7.15
Chicken Curry Ramen £6.70
Shiitake Mushroom Ramen £5.95

Small Plates

New Katsu Curry Gyoza £6.40
New Beef Teriyaki and Rice £8.70
Yo! Fries £3.70
Spinach and Edamame Gyoza £6.00
Chicken Gyoza £6.40
Prawn Gyoza £6.70
Pumpkin Katsu £4.70
Chicken Katsu £5.10
Prawn Katsu £5.70
Korean Fried Chicken £6.00

Salads and Sides

Miso Soup £2.50
Edamame £2.70
Kaiso Seaweed £3.70
Steamed Rice £2.20
Cucumber Maki £2.80
Avocado Maki £3.00
Inari Taco £3.60

YO! Vegan

Green Goodness Bundle £25.00
Yo! Meal Deal £7.95
Green and Beats Mini Roll £6.90
Plant Power £6.00
Inari Taco £3.60
Avocado Maki £3.00
Cucumber Maki £2.80
Yasai Roll £6.90
Pumpkin Katsu £4.70
New Tofu Katsu Curry £6.20
Shiitake Mushroom Ramen £5.95
Spinach and Edamame Gyoza £6.00
Yo! Fries £3.70
Miso Soup £2.50
Edamame £2.70
Kaiso Seaweed £3.70
Steamed Rice £2.20


Custard Dorayaki £4.70
Chocolate Brownie £4.70
Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi £4.70
Chocolate Mochi £4.70


Chilli Crackers £1.00
Chilli Peanuts £1.00
Wasabi Peas £1.00

Extra Sauces

Soy £0.20
Wasabi £0.10
Pickled Ginger £0.10

Soft Drinks

Coke £2.60
Diet Coke £2.50
Coke Zero £2.50
Sprite £2.50
Cawston Press Ginger Beer £2.90
Firefly Peach £3.50
Princes Gate Still Water £2.30
Princes Gate Sparkling Water £2.30

Stronger Drinks

Asahi £4.20
Sapporo £6.50
Gordons G&T £5.90
One Cup White Wine £5.50
One Cup Rose Wine £5.50
Hakushika Ginjo Sake £5.50
Yo Sushi Menu Prices Pin
Yo Sushi Menu Prices

Yo Sushi Menu Prices

When you’re craving sushi, there’s nothing like the fresh, delicious taste of a California roll. But sometimes you just want to mix things up. Whether it’s because you’re bored with your usual order or it’s just not what you’re in the mood for, we’ve got a few ideas for how you can spice up your order and still stay within budget!

If you’re looking for a new experience with less than $10:

If you want a little more bang for your buck when ordering Yo Sushi Menu Prices, check out our Specials menu. We’ve got plenty of options that will make your mouth water without emptying your wallet. Our Spicy Salmon Roll is only $7.50, and our Unagi Donburi Bowl is only $8.50! It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you’re looking for something with a little more oomph:

If you are feeling extra hungry today and want to go big or go home (or both), then the Salmon Yo Sushi Menu Prices Platter might be right up your alley! This dish includes four pieces of salmon sashimi and two pieces each of tuna and yellowtail sashimi—enough to satisfy even the most ravenous appetite! The price tag? Only $13.

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