Zaxby’s Menu Prices 2022

Zaxby’s Restaurant, which is located in Wetherilltown PA, offers some of the best PA dining you’ll find. From traditional diner-style meals to our signature Chicken Fettuccine, Zaxby’s offers something for everyone on your list. And at prices you can afford.

Zaxby’s Menu Prices 2022

For appetizers, Zaxby’s offers an amazing range of wings and chicken dishes. From starters such as BLT European style with mushroom and garlic dipping sauce to tailgate favorites like chicken wings with barbecue sauce. The most popular entrees are their tasty chicken wings. You can get a full meal with BBQ baked beans, house salad, and a full meal with BBQ boneless wings. There are also several pasta dishes and delicious desserts on the menu price list.

Other entrees include BLT sandwich. This is a delicious BLT-style sandwich with Canadian bacon, tomato and lettuce on a lightly toasted ciabatta. It’s served with a side of coleslaw and is served on the al fresco patio. Another great entree is the BBQ chicken wings. With spicy Canadian bacon, buffalo sauce and buffalo wing sauce, it is a great way to heat up that boring chicken wings you’ve been eating. With the menu price list you’ll see that you can easily eat this all throughout the day without gaining weight.

Zaxby's Menu Prices 2022Pin
Zaxby’s Menu Prices 2022

Zaxby’s Menu Prices – What is “The Best” Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal?

Zaxby’s Grill offers their famous Fingerz sandwich. This deliciously made sandwich comes with grilled onions and a tangy tomato sauce. The prices range from the affordable to the higher end with some options such as a choice of two meats or three meats, a deli sandwich or their signature grilled chicken sandwich. With the deli option, which comes with their house salad and some fresh salad to top it off, you can have that deli feeling right at home.

A popular entree is the buffalo fingerz. This delicious entree uses tender buffalo mozzarella cheese and is served on a bed of spinach, which really makes it stand out. This might not be the best choice for someone with allergies as some people are allergic to raw meat, but if you have a few people over this might be the perfect option for a occasion. The prices are quite reasonable with a variety of entrees to choose from.

The buffalo wings are just as delicious as the buffalo mozzarella cheese. You can get the regular wing or the boneless, which is boneless wings that have been prepared with olive oil and lemon. You can pick your choice of whether you like wings that are crunchy or that are soft when you are picking out your entrees. There is a lot of variety on the menu for you to choose from and with the prices ranging from under twenty dollars you can afford to have a good meal without breaking the bank. With the amount of dishes that Zaxby’s has to offer you should have no problem finding something that is affordable for you.

Of course, chicken finger sandwiches are also available. A delicious option is the boneless fried chicken. It is available on a number of different menu plans including a five pc plan. The five pc plan offers you a choice of three entrees and you can order them any time during your day or night. With these entrees you can choose to have a steak, pork, or chicken. The price of the entrees is less than twenty dollars and they are available for delivery and eating at home.

For an entree that will leave everyone pleased ask for the Zaxby’s side of the spectrum – the buffalo wing recipe. This entree contains buffalo wing sauce, which is the ultimate buffalo wing tip. It is a delicious dish that will leave everyone wondering how they missed it the first time around. Order the five-star Zaxby’s grill chicken sandwich meal today and discover why this is the best grilled chicken sandwich meal.

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