Zoup Menu With Prices

Zoup Menu With Prices – There are very few people out there who don’t love soup. After all, with hundreds, if not thousands of different soups to choose from, there is something out there to tickle each and every taste bud. If you love soup (and we have already established that you most likely are a soup lover if you are human) then you are going to absolutely love Zoup!


Zoup Menu With Prices


12 Award Winning Soups

Chicken Potpie Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Chicken Potpie Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Chicken Potpie Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Chicken Potpie Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Chicken Potpie Bread Boule $6.95
Broccoli Cheddar Side (8 oz.) $4.75
Broccoli Cheddar Cup (12 oz.) $6.20
Broccoli Cheddar Bowl (16 oz.) $7.35
Broccoli Cheddar Extra Large (32 oz.) $12.35
Broccoli Cheddar Bread Boule $6.95
Chicken Fajita Side (8 oz.) $4.75
Chicken Fajita Cup (12 oz.) $6.20
Chicken Fajita Bowl (16 oz.) $7.35
Chicken Fajita Extra Large (32 oz.) $12.35
Chicken Fajita Bread Boule $6.95
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Side (8 oz.) $4.25
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Cup (12 oz.) $5.25
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Bowl (16 oz.) $6.35
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Extra Large (32 oz.) $10.25
Dragonfire Noodle Bowl Bread Boule $6.95
Mulligatawny Side (8 oz.) $4.25
Mulligatawny Cup (12 oz.) $5.25
Mulligatawny Bowl (16 oz.) $6.35
Mulligatawny Extra Large (32 oz.) $10.25
Mulligatawny Bread Boule $6.95
Lobster Bisque Side (8 oz.) $5.25
Lobster Bisque Cup (12 oz.) $6.75
Lobster Bisque Bowl (16 oz.) $7.95
Lobster Bisque Extra Large (32 oz.) $13.50
Lobster Bisque Bread Boule $6.95
French Onion Side (8 oz.) $4.50
French Onion Cup (12 oz.) $5.65
French Onion Bowl (16 oz.) $6.95
French Onion Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.20
French Onion Bread Boule $6.95
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Side (8 oz.) $4.25
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Cup (12 oz.) $5.25
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Bowl (16 oz.) $6.35
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Extra Large (32 oz.) $10.25
Italian Pasta & Vegetables Bread Boule $6.95
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Santa Fe Chicken Chili Bread Boule $6.95
Mexican Chicken Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Mexican Chicken Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Mexican Chicken Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Mexican Chicken Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Mexican Chicken Bread Boule $6.95
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Side (8 oz.) $4.65
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Cup (12 oz.) $5.95
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Bowl (16 oz.) $7.25
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.95
Roast Garlic Chicken Kale Bread Boule $6.95


Cobb Whole Salad $7.75
Cobb Half Salad $6.25
Asian Whole Salad $7.50
Asian Half Salad $5.75
Chicken Caesar Whole Salad $6.95
Chicken Caesar Half Salad $4.95
Greek Whole Salad $6.75
Greek Half Salad $4.75
Lemon Caper Tuna Whole Salad $7.75
Lemon Caper Tuna Half Salad $6.50
Loco Burrito Whole Salad $7.50
Loco Burrito Half Salad $5.75
Sonoma Whole Salad $7.25
Sonoma Half Salad $5.25
Power Quinoa Whole Salad $7.75
Power Quinoa Half Salad $5.25


Chicken Toscana Whole Sandwich $7.75
Chicken Toscana Half Sandwich $6.50
Maple Ham & Bacon Whole Sandwich $7.50
Maple Ham & Bacon Half Sandwich $5.75
Pesto 3 Cheese Whole Sandwich $6.75
Pesto 3 Cheese Half Sandwich $4.75
Southwest Turkey Whole Sandwich $7.50
Southwest Turkey Half Sandwich $5.75
Tuna Salad With Lemon & Capers Whole Sandwich $6.95
Tuna Salad With Lemon & Capers Half Sandwich $4.95
Turkey Club Whole Sandwich $7.75
Turkey Club Half Sandwich $6.50
Quinoa Veggie Wrap Wrap $6.25

KidZ MealZ!

Kidz Soup & Sandwich $4.95

Dessert & Sides

Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.65
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $1.65
Chocolate Chunk Brownie $1.95
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips $1.79
Kettle Chips $1.39
Jalapeno Tortilla Chips $1.79
Extra Sourdough $0.45
Extra Multigrain $0.45
Extra French $0.45


Soda Small $1.49
Soda Medium $1.79
Soda Large $1.99
Water Bottle $1.50

Now, Zoup! deals in ‘fast’ soup. In fact, there are hundreds of different options for soup on their menu (including a plethora of different salads and sandwiches to match). Just because they are ‘fast food’ does not mean that they are not good though. Oh no. This is one of the best soup companies in the world. A plethora of the products on their menu are award winning, and each and every one tastes delicious. This is not ‘watered down’ soup that you will find in ‘any old’ restaurant or the like. It is a top quality soup that you will absolutely love.

Despite Zoup! actually being a fairly large company their story is relatively new and it began back in 1997. Before the launch hundreds, if not thousands, of different soups were tested over and over again by hundreds of different people. The founders of the company wanted to get things right from the start and actually testing the soups before launching the company was the ONLY way in which they could guarantee this (the vast majority of soups are still tested in the same way today).

It was in 1998 that the company launched with the first Zoup! appearing in Southfield, MI. After this the company went from strength to strength and you can now taste Zoup! products in around 60 different locations throughout the United States and Canada. More and more locations are being opened up all of the time. If you don’t have a Zoup near you right now, I am willing to wager that you will do so soon.

Part of the reason as to why Zoup has become so popular is due to the strength of their menu. As I stated before, there is something to match almost every need and person here.

Need something that is gluten free? You got it! Need a bit of chicken? Hundreds of soups to match, each more delicious than the last. Honestly; if you can name a soup then you will be able to find it in your local Zoup at a virtually unbeatable price.

There are very few fast food companies out there which are SO fantastic at catering for every dietary need out there. If you have a special request then all you need to do is ask. Their highly experienced staff will be more than happy to help you out here.

It is worth noting that the menu changes close to each and every day. In fact, there are 12 daily soups that are introduced to the menu each day. This is obviously going to keep people coming back for more and more. You will also end up remarkably addicted to the soup (thankfully if you choose the right soups it is going to be fairly low in calorie).

When you are browsing through the menu you will be able to choose the best soup for your needs. At least thirty of the soups on the menu is going 175 calories. There are 12 salads and sandwiches (the last time I counted) at less than 350 calories. As I mentioned before, more and more products are being introduced every day.

One of the wonderful things about Zoup is that this is completely natural food. If you head to any to any fast food restaurant out there and you will find that much of the food is laced with preservatives and unnatural ingredients galore. This can’t be good for you in the long run. Thankfully the broth from Zoup has not gone down the same line.

You see; each and every broth is made from only the most natural and the best sourced ingredients. This means that there is absolutely no preservatives in there, no antibiotics or hormones (often found in cheap meat). You will even find that the vast majority of the soups that they ship are completely low in fat.

If you love the Zoup then you will be pleased to know that you can purchase the base broth directly from the company in order to make them from the comfort of your own home (although I do always suggest heading to the restaurants to get the best possible experience after all, there is absolutely nothing better than having somebody cook some delicious food for you)

Remember; if you are going to head to Zoup then you want to make sure that you get hold of some discount coupons. Since this is fast food the prices are already sublime enough. You probably do want to make sure that you save as much money as possible.

You can do that by taking a little peek around this website and you will discover more coupons than you can shake a stick at. Why not head to Zoup and try one of your favorite soups, or even check out a couple of new soups today? I am sure that you will absolutely love it!

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