Coffee Time Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

Looking for the perfect pick-me-up? Check out our Coffee Time Menu With Prices that will have you sipping on the best brews in no time. From classic lattes and cappuccinos to specialty drinks like our chocolate-covered strawberry latte, we’ve got something for every coffee lover.

And with our convenient online ordering system, you can enjoy your favorite drinks from the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Start your day off right with a delicious cup of coffee from our menu today!


Coffee Time Menu With Prices

Ultimate Western Sandwich Menu Prices

Single Western Sandwich $5.99
Ultimate Western Sandwich $7.19

Hot Drinks Menu Prices

Hot Drinks Small Medium Large Extra Large
Cafe Mocha $2.51 $2.99 $3.23 $3.59
Flav Cappuccino $2.27 $2.63 $2.99 $3.23
Hot Chocolate $2.15 $2.39 $2.63 $2.87
Black Coffee $1.85 $2.11 $2.30 $2.63
Hot Tea $1.85 $2.11 $2.30 $2.63

Cold Drinks Menu Prices

Cold Drinks Small Medium Large
Iced Coffee $2.03 $2.39 $2.99
Iced Cappuccino $2.99 $3.59 $4.55
Raspberry Black Currant Iced Tea $2.03 $2.39 $2.99
Coffee Chilla $3.59 $4.43 $5.51
Salted Caramel Chilla $3.59 $4.43 $5.51
Smores Chilla $3.59 $4.43 $5.51
Café Mocha Chilla $3.59 $4.43 $5.51
Mango Smoothie $3.47 $4.31 $5.27
Strawberry Banana Smoothie $3.47 $4.31 $5.27
Bottle Juice $2.87
Bottled Water (Private Label) $2.15
DASANI® water 591mL Bottle $2.63
Coca-Cola® Fountain Beverages $1.91

Sandwiches Menu Prices

Steak & Cheese Sandwich $7.43
Tuscan Turkey Club $7.43
Honey Ham & Swiss Sandwich $6.23
Classic BLT Sandwich $5.99
Hearty Tuna Salad Sandwich $5.99
Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwich $5.99
Garden Veggie Pesto Sandwich $5.63

Brekwich Menu Prices

Egg, Cheese & Steak Brekwich $5.39
Western Brekwich $5.39
Egg, Cheese & Bacon Sandwich $4.79
Egg, Cheese & Sausage Brekwich $4.79
Veggie Brekwich $4.55
Egg & Cheese Brekwich $4.19

Bagels Menu Prices

Ultimate Breakfast Bagel $6.35
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel $5.39
Egg, Cheese & Sausage Bagel $5.39
Western Breakfast Bagel $5.39
BLT Bagel $5.15
Veggie Breakfast Bagel $5.15
Egg & Cheese Bagel $4.91
Plain Bagel $1.79
Sesame Seed Bagel $1.79
Everything Bagel $1.79

Featured Combo’s Menu Prices

Ultimate Breakfast Bagel Combo $8.99
Western Breakfast Bagel Combo $8.03

Savouries Menu Prices

Patty $2.51

On the Run Menu Prices

Hashbrown $2.03
Coffee Time Menu With PricesPin
Coffee Time Menu With Prices

Coffee Time Menu With Prices

Welcome to Coffee Time Menu With Prices! We’re a family-owned coffee shop that’s been serving up delicious drinks and treats for over 20 years. It’s our mission to provide you with the best possible experience, and that starts with our menu.

Our Coffee Time Menu With Prices is broken down into three sections: Espresso Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Hot Drinks. For those of you who are just looking for a quick cup of joe to get you through your morning meetings, we have options like iced lattes, iced americanos, iced cappuccinos, and drip coffee.

We also have a variety of teas if you’d prefer something warm but don’t want caffeine. And if you’re just looking for something sweet? We’ve got plenty of options on our dessert menu ranging from brownies to cookies to muffins!

If you’d like a little something more extensive than just a cup of coffee or tea, we also offer sandwiches like grilled cheese or BLT (which are both delicious). And if we don’t have what you’re craving on the menu today (it happens!), never fear—we’ll make it for you if we can!

The Coffee Time Menu With Prices range from $1-$5 depending on what kind of drink or food item

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Come on in to Coffee Time Menu With Prices and check out our extensive coffee time menu with prices that won’t break the bank. From light and fruity roasts to bold and rich flavors, we’ve got something for every taste.

And if you’re feeling peckish, we’ve also got a selection of pastries and sandwiches to choose from. So why not treat yourself to a little coffee time today? You deserve it!

If you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll love our coffee time menu with prices that are hard to beat. We’ve got all your favorite drinks, from espresso shots to iced mochas, and everything in between. And with our friendly baristas on hand to help you choose the perfect drink, you’ll be sipping in style in no time. So come on down to Coffee Time Menu With Prices and treat yourself to a little caffeine fix today. You won’t be disappointed!

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