Hoagie from Sheetz or Junkyard Dog from Wawa?

Convenience stores and gas stations seem to be the greatest invention since sliced bread. It’s so time saving! Buying food after filling up your tank saves the hassle of driving again for a couple of miles, only to find yourself in a sloppy and slow-service restaurant. Buying dinner on your way home, and getting to finish it while you are driving, saves so much time and earns you more down time when you get home, with almost the same cost as when you buy the food yourself in the market.

When two convenience store giants attack the fast food industry, expect that the outcome is going to be huge. Two of the largest convenience stores in the country are at head to head when it comes to fast food. No matter how much bad publicity is out there with regards to fast food, huge companies like Wawa and Sheetz always manage to get a large portion of the market. Both companies have net worth by the billions and now, through fast food, they want to claim more share in the consumer’s purchase.

Wawa is a chain of convenience stores and gas stations and has established almost 600 outlets across America. They started in 1964 and until now, they are still growing. Their food is also gaining popularity and their food is not just something you grab while filling up. A lot of people go to Wawa just because of their food. One item that is a sure buy at Wawa are the hoagies. There are reviews about these hoagies, mostly positive, and mostly raving about the freshness of the bread. Wawa also offers the 10 inch Classic Hoagie, which is massively filled with cold cuts, tomatoes, onions and cheese. The beef cheesesteak is closely related to a Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwich, but with greater flavor.

One of the better-reviewed food in Wawa is the barbecue chicken quesadilla. This is a warm tortilla that is wrapped around chicken, salsa, pepper jack and cheese. It is great when you order an addition of sour cream and onions, because the flavors just start jumping in your mouth!

They also offer out-of-the-box items in the menu such as the lobster bisque, mashed potato and soft pretzel stuffed with sweet cream cheese. Other delightful deserts include strawberries and cream with chocolate chips and bananas foster cream smoothie. These are items that you will not see in a typical convenience store but in Wawa, you can have them.

All of the sandwiches, wraps or focaccia pizza are built-to-order, and you will guarantee freshness of the bread upon ordering. There are no fried items in the menu, showing that Wawa is gearing towards healthier food selling.

Wawa’s toughest contender would be Sheetz. This family owned chain of convenience stores and gas stations was founded in 1953. Sheetz has 430 outlets in 6 states.

Sheetz is popular for its subs. Lots of raves go to their meatball sub, which many claim to be juicy and filling. Lots of customers have also opted for their chilli cheese fries. For beverages, their green soy latte got a lot of nods. The same goes with the smoothies and latte mocha, which were also top sellers.

However, there is a significant number of people who think that Sheetz is nothing more special than a McDonald’s. A lot of people are questioning why get food from a convenience store in the first place. In Sheetz, there is nothing much to expect, than your plain old convenience store menu, and typical recipes that are expected from any convenience store. More so, there is not much commitment to freshness unlike Wawa.

There were also reviews about the burgers being messy and the Italian sub not being up to par. There were complaints of slow service, but in general, service at Sheetz are viewed as friendly and helpful.

For both convenient stores, the fast food selection seems to favor Wawa’s because of its similarity to Subway, and more people seem to be attracted to their commitment to fresh food, which is a little unlikely for a fast food joint.

Although there are not much expectations to fast food, Wawa seems to raise the bar higher and puts more respect to its patrons. A little discernment was put in their menu planning, and yes, served them all the better. Now, people go to Wawa for only the food, even if it’s out of the way.

Sure, fast food is for people who are always rushing or who are on the go. However, fast food joints should also think that quality in food should is a must whether it’s out of a convenience store or not.

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