Scooter’s Coffee Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

At Scooter’s Coffee Menu With Prices, we offer a wide range of delicious drinks and treats. Our menu is always growing and changing, so check back often to see what’s new!

We make your favorite coffee drinks with love, including lattes and cappuccinos! We also have a variety of teas, hot chocolate, hot cider, and iced drinks.

We offer a full line of pastries from our bakery—including muffins, scones, cookies, Danishes—and they’re all made fresh daily.

Our food menu includes breakfast sandwiches on your choice of bread or English muffin; bagels with cream cheese; fruit cups; salads; and more.


Scooter’s Coffee Menu With Prices

Breakfast (Serve all day.)

Breakfast Bagels $4.19
Breakfast Burritos $3.45

Signature Espresso Drink

Candy Bar Latte $4.20
Turtle Latte $4.20

Classic Espresso Drinks

Americano $2.56
Flavored Latte $3.78
Latte $3.27


Caramelicious $4.79
Cappuccino $4.62
Mocha $4.74
Candy Bar $4.90

Other Favorites

Brewed Coffee $2.05
Chai Tea Latte $3.59
Hot Chocolate $2.87
Tea $1.91
Cold Brew $3.31

Fruit Smoothies

Green Tea Mocha $4.93
Fruit ‘n Cream $4.91
Fruit ‘n Ice $4.91
Peanut Butter Power $5.52
Vertigo $5.74
Scooter's Coffee Menu With PricesPin
Scooter’s Coffee Menu With Prices

Scooter’s Coffee Menu With Prices

Scooter’s Coffee Menu With Prices is one of the best coffee shops in town. They have some of the most delicious coffees, teas, and other drinks that you can find anywhere. They also have a wide variety of food options to choose from if you are looking for something to eat. They have everything from sandwiches to pastries and muffins.

If you are looking for something on the sweeter side, then you will want to check out their pastry case. There are a number of different options available here including muffins and donuts as well as cookies and other treats. If you want something savory then there are several different types of sandwiches that you can try including ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

You can also order breakfast items from Scooter’s Coffee Menu if you are looking for something more substantial than just coffee or tea in the morning hours before work starts up again at 8 AM each day (or later depending on your schedule). These include omelets made with eggs cooked any way you like them along with hash browns served up crispy on top so they taste like French fries instead of potatoes cooked inside an

Scooter’s Coffee Menu With Prices is a great place to start your morning with a cup of hot coffee. The menu has several different types of coffee, including dark roast and light roast. You can also order iced coffee at Scooter’s if you prefer it cold. Scooter’s has some of the best prices in town, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much on your daily caffeine fix!

Coffee Drinks

You can order a small drip coffee for just $1.99, or get a medium for $2.49! If you want something fancier than just black coffee, try ordering an espresso drink such as a latte or mocha. A latte costs just $3.29 and comes in either small or large size options; mochas are $3.79 for either small or large sizes as well! If you’re looking for something even more indulgent than that, try ordering one of their specialty drinks like a caramel macchiato ($4.59) or caramel frappuccino ($4.99)!

Hot Chocolate Drinks

If hot chocolate is more up your alley than hot coffee then you’ll be happy to know that there are several different kinds available

Everyone loves a hot cuppa joe, but not everyone can be bothered with the caffeine. Scooters sells the real deal and keeps that fast-paced urban lifestyle on track.

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