Taco Bell Mystery Beef: See the Ingredients

The food industry has always been the biggest winner in the economy be it any time of the year with any amount of downside in the economy. The reason being food is one of the basic needs of humans apart of clothing and shelter and hence the demand is never going to go down. Moreover food can be consumed at a very faster rate than clothing and shelter that is the reason it becomes one of the biggest industry after energy sector.

Taco Bell is one of such restaurants which serves fast foods like, but not limited to, tacos and nachos and other Mexican foods as well. Though its presence is in only 6500 restaurants and that too majorly in the United States they manage to serve over 2 Billion customers every year. Yes that is the capacity of this giant food making machine.

So as we know it’s in the fast food segment with competitors like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut still it does have some very special items on the menu which makes customers go for it. There are a variety of stuff on its menu which is called the tex-mex menu including quesadillas and burritos, and yes the first word that comes to mind while hearing them is Yum. The subsidiary is owned by Yum Brands and is perfect example of the fast food restaurant chain.

The Mystery of The Mystery Beef

The beef as simple as it is called is the most liked and famous products of Taco Bell over the menu and many have wondered over the ingredients of this beef. There is a strikingly different kind of a taste which appeases to all your senses but this is not a regular taste and hence is attracting millions to Taco Bell every day.

Everyone wants to know what’s inside but there is clearly no spilling of beans by the company guys so far. That is the reason it came to be known as the mystery beef which was so liked by the consumers that Taco Bell made it the product of the month and then the product of the year on its charts. Moreover the customers wanted to know the recipe so Taco Bell also revealed it with a little delay that was on purpose to keep the secrecy as well as to maintain the surprise levels. Finally on a fine day Taco Bell revealed the ingredients as to what exactly constitutes that beef and the reason it is so good and liked by more than half of United States.

The Ingredients of The Mystery Beef

The company had revealed initially that the beef is nothing but 88% of actual beef, which could be anything from a cow meat to the horse meat depending on what the customers want. This revelation put the customers in a toss as to what is the other 12% constituted of that gives it such a good taste. Then the company revealed the ingredients of those 12% and also mentioned that it uses 100% safe and real beef guided by the USDA which is without any preservatives and flavour thus adding great taste to the product.

The other 12% of the beef constituted of maltodextrin – a mild sweet sugar, torula yeast which gives the beef an actual seasoned taste and adds flavour to it. There is also modified corn starch added to it which is again the staple and basic food in Mexico thereby giving it a local taste. Some sort of thickener is used in it which is as good as yoghurt.

Another ingredient used is the Soy lecithin which is nothing but a substance binding agent which is generally used in grocery staples, chocolate bars etc. Sodium phosphate is added to give it perfect texture and the seasoning that is needed, works similar to the use it has in the making of cheese and coffee drinks.

To get the right kind of flavour Taco Bell adds lactic acid which is the safest form of acid and occurs in every living being and hence is harmless. Caramelized Sugar and Cocoa powder is added to give it a rich colour though it doesn’t affect the taste of the beef much. Finally a natural ingredient called Trehalose is added to the beef which is nothing but a form of natural sugar which gives the perfect taste to the beef. All this constitute the other 12% and makes it the best beef ever.

The consumers have liked it so much and even the critics have liked it. There are reams of articles everywhere about this mystery beef and its ingredients. The popularity a single beef has gained due to Taco Bells ingredients and the perfection in the product is immeasurable. It has given the company the best of the goodwill and the company thus enjoys this beef mentioning it as a combination of 88% beef and 12% signature recipe. Yes they call it the signature recipe and all the ingredients above are a part of this recipe.

As we all know that only the right kind of ingredients don’t give us the end product same always. There has to be a right kind of process to be followed as well. Taco Bell does a lot of processing over the beef and the signature recipe.

There is a through put way in which the beef can be made, by soaking the meat in a perfect manner and then adding the right quantity of required yeast and forming the mixture in the decided time frame. This all adds up to one conclusion that mystery beef is not only a result of the mysterious ingredients which are now revealed by the company but also the kind of process it goes through in the making of the product.

In a strange but trust worthy statements the company has agreed that the names of the ingredients are a bit weird in the mentioned signature recipe, but they have assured that these ingredients are safe and approved by the FDA for use in making the food products.

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