The Donut Diner Menu With Prices **April 2022 Updated**

The Donut Diner Menu With Prices we’ve got all your needs covered here at the Donut Diner. From donuts to omelettes to hash browns, we’ve got it all!

We know how much you love your morning coffee and pancakes on the weekends, so we make sure to serve up some of the best in town. And with our daily specials and weekly deals, you’ll never have to worry about price again. We’re constantly updating our menu to ensure that you get exactly what you want when you come in The Donut Diner Menu With Prices !

So stop by today, and try something new!


The Donut Diner Menu With Prices

Breakfast Menu With Prices

3 Large Golden Pancakes $7.25
3 Slices of French Toast $7.95
Eggs Benedict $9.95
Eggs Florentine $9.95
No Meat with 2 Large Eggs any Style $6.25
Bacon with 2 Large Eggs $8.65
Sausage with 2 Large Eggs $8.65
Peameal Bacon with 2 Large Eggs $9.65
Meat Lovers Platters $13.95
Hungry Man Platter $11.25

Omelettes Menu With Prices

Cheese Omelette $7.95
Mushroom Omelette $8.95
Ham Omelette $9.25
Bacon or Sausage Omelette $9.75
Spinach and Feta Omelette $9.75
Veggie Omelette $9.25
Western Omelette $9.75
Greek Omelette $10.45

Build Your Own Omelette Menu With Prices

3 Eggs Omelette $11.95
4 Eggs Omelette $12.95
Additional Item $1.00

Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches Menu With Prices

Fried Egg Sandwich $4.25
Grilled Cheese Cheddar or Swiss $4.95
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato $6.75
Peameal, Lettuce, Tomato $7.25
Peameal, Egg, Cheese $7.25
Western Sandwich $6.95
Breakfast Wrap $7.45
Breakfast Wrap Two $7.45
Egg Salad Sandwich with Lettuce $5.45
Tuna Salad Sandwich with Lettuce $5.65
Roasted Turkey Breast with Lettuce $5.65
Club House $8.25
Sliced Corn Beef Sandwich $6.65

Grilled Large Ray Menu With Prices

Reuban Sandwich $7.95
Tuna Melt $7.25
Hamburger $6.85
Cheeseburger $7.75
Banquet Burger $8.25

6oz Burger Menu With Prices

Hamburger $6.85
Cheeseburger $7.75
Banquet Burger $8.25

Grilled Ciabata Bun Menu With Prices

Chicken Club $10.95
Chicken Parm $10.95

Seafood Menu With Prices

Golden Battered Fish and Chips $8.95
Grilled Fish and Chips $9.95
Single Piece of Haddock $5.25
Chicken Finger Platter $9.95

Sides Menu With Prices

Homemade Soup of The Day $3.25
Fresh Cut French Fries $3.95
Poutine $6.25
Poutine with Bacon or Sausage $2.95
Crispy Onion Rings $5.65
Side of Homemade Gravy $1.25
Side of Homemade Coleslaw $1.25

Assorted Baked Goodies Menu With Prices

Donuts $1.10
Muffins $1.60
Cookies $1.00
Butter Tarts $1.95
Carrot Cake $1.95
Brownies $1.95
Raisin Tea Biscuit $1.35
Cheddar Tea Biscuit $1.45
Plain Banana Bread $1.75
Walnut Banana Bread $1.95
Chip Banana Bread $1.95

Beverages Menu With Prices

A Mug of Coffee or Pot of Tea $1.35
Large White Milk $2.30
Large Chocolate Milk $2.55
Bottled Water $1.50
Can of Pop $1.55
Assorted Juices $2.55
The Donut Diner Menu With PricesPin
The Donut Diner Menu With Prices

The Donut Diner Menu With Prices

The Donut Diner Menu With Prices is a family-friendly restaurant that serves up fresh donuts and coffee in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. With its welcoming decor, friendly staff, and delicious food, The Donut Diner is the perfect place to bring your family or meet up with friends.

The The Donut Diner Menu With Prices serves donuts in many different varieties: glazed, chocolate-covered, cake donuts; and old favorites like Boston cream. They also offer sandwiches and salads for those who want something savory. There are both sweet and savory donuts available at The Donut Diner. For those who prefer a healthier option, there are healthy choices for breakfast as well as lunch options such as salads and sandwiches made with whole grains.

We know what you’re thinking: “I can’t eat another donut!”

The Donut Diner Menu With Prices but come on, who doesn’t want to try something new? You might be surprised by how much you love our [desserts] menu. Our [desserts] are made with locally sourced ingredients and are always fresh and delicious. We think you’ll find our prices to be more than reasonable—they’re downright cheap!

So stop by the Donut Diner tonight and try something new!

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